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Open-source mobility management and cross-modal trip planning software

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A web-based application that helps people discover and access the essential resources they need during the COVID-19 pandemic and after.

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Open source transportation scheduling and reporting software designed to meet the needs of small agencies

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The industry’s first open-source platform for managing transportation assets

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About Cambridge Systematics

Software + Transportation

For 15 years, CS Software has developed successful, user-friendly software to address transportation's diverse needs and complex challenges. We empower agencies and stakeholders with robust, scalable systems that are built for the long term with elegant, intuitive interfaces that make using them a pleasure. We are part of Cambridge Systematics, which for nearly 45 years has specialized in transportation and is a recognized leader in the development of innovative policy and planning solutions, objective analysis and technology applications. This allows us to deliver a unique and powerful combination of deep software and transportation domain expertise.

Open Source + Open Minds

Our commitment to open source means that we create software that is available without licensing fees and does not create vendor lock-in. We build solutions using open-source tools and technologies that are standards-based and royalty free. Depending on a transportation agency’s needs and preferences, we can make both traditional server-based deployment and cloud-based deployment possible. And agencies using our products can become part of a community that benefits from its members’ innovations, as changes and updates can be freely shared among them. You can roll out systems using your in-house staff, or with assistance from a competitive market of vendors and cloud computing providers.

Find further information at www.camsys.com