Illustration of virtual presentation showing a screenshare of TransAM

Through TransAM, our top priority is to help transportation agencies effectively address the challenges of asset performance management. In fact, many agencies face strikingly similar hurdles in managing asset life cycles, grants and funding, and project planning. That is why we’ve begun building a TransAM community. The TransAM Community serves as a forum for agencies and organizations to review use cases, discuss best practices, and identify future feature opportunities that address the needs of the community.

The TransAM Team recently hosted an inaugural brainstorming session with two agencies that utilize TransAM. The event served as a hands-on demonstration of how each agency currently leverages the platform’s capabilities to facilitate internal and interagency business processes.

One agency demonstrated how they utilize the Asset Audit feature to help their subrecipient agencies manage asset life-cycle events, update asset inventory, and manage the disposition of assets. They also shared practical insights as to how they have successfully streamlined the capital project planning process through the project planning tool. The online gathering also enabled another organization to gain valuable feedback on best practices for working with local agencies to ensure asset data is maintained and updated accurately.

This joint session was an encouraging success and a prime example of collaboration leading to practical application.  It’s clear that connecting agencies to learn from each other’s successes and real-life lessons is just as crucial to their success as the daily one-on-one support that our team provides. By uniting organizations, we can collectively craft solutions for even the most difficult challenges – regardless of geography.

In addition to hosting collaborative brainstorming sessions, the platform’s latest features are made available to all TransAM clients with no added costs. As an example, if an agency invests in the development of a new feature or system enhancement that directly benefits the operations of most agencies, we make that feature available to the entire TransAM community. This fosters participation in the community at large: Peers benefit from the creative solutions of fellow members directed at shared needs.

TransAM is constantly working to improve the practice and process of asset management in transportation and collaborating with and listening to our incredible TransAM agency community is indispensable to that shared goal.. In that spirit, if you’d like to learn more about the growing TransAM Community and how you can become part of it, please contact Reagan Lynn at