TransAM is an Asset Performance Management (APM) platform that simplifies managing multi-phase, multi-year transportation project plans by streamlining asset management, project planning and grant management life cycles from start to finish.


While we are still supporting TransAM and its existing users, we are taking everything you love about TransAM and building a better, more flexible generation of asset management software for the modern-day workflow: Asset Cloud.

If you have any questions about TransAM or migration to Asset Cloud, please reach out to Reagan Lynn at

TransAM can accommodate individual agencies or multi-agency regional and statewide deployments with varied access levels for different stakeholder groups. TransAM integrates with legacy systems to provide you with the information you need to make asset and capital planning decisions. 

TransAM can help you: 

  • Simplify project planning and forecasting 

  • Access, update and maintain information about your agency’s asset inventory in a centralized location 

  • Manage each asset from purchase to disposition 

  • Schedule asset replacement based on your agency's business rules 

  • Consult reports on state of good repair, funding sources and projections, and asset inventories – including auto-formatted FTA NTD reports 

  • Track grants, funding programs, budgets and their impact on assets and projects 

TransAM Solutions

Asset Performance Management

When assets and processes are tracked in spreadsheets or separate agency software systems, it can be difficult to make decisions about asset replacements and overhauls with an understanding of how it will impact service. TransAM stores crucial information about every asset category and maintains a complete history of each asset as it ages, including changes in condition, usage, value/depreciation and other life cycle events. This sets the foundation for practical capital planning and performance management capabilities.

Use TransAM’s asset management capabilities to:

  • Manage assets from purchase to disposition

  • Engage a needs-driven asset replacement project planning process, through auto-generation of projects aligned with asset replacement schedules

  • Schedule and prioritize asset replacement, by factoring in life-extending overhauls and useful life benchmarks

The next generation of TransAM, Asset Cloud, retains the core asset management capabilities of TransAM, while allowing you to customize features as business needs change. With it’s unique, modularized approach, you can build Asset Cloud to meet you where you are—whether you need to aggregate and validate data in a centralized location, seamlessly complete federally required reporting (such as NTD), forecast asset and fleet replacement schedules or create a data-driven capital plan.

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Performance Management

Performance management enables agencies to use system information to optimize the value and effectiveness of investment and policy decisions. TransAM’s asset management capabilities empower agencies to manage and iterate the interaction between strategy, data and decisions to attain key performance objectives.

Asset Cloud, the next generation of TransAM, will enhance these capabilities by optimizing collaborative data management, answering questions that you wish TERM-Lite could, and making investment prioritization interactive and iterative.

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Grant Management

Using TransAM Grant Management, agencies can manage programs, multi-year budgets and grants with the ability to tie management of different program funds to certain departments or agencies.

With TransAM, organizations can track grants from funding through closeout by connecting funding to specific projects and managing committed funds.

Asset Cloud, the next generation of TransAM, will continue to offer agencies the ability to easily manage grants and ensure that no funds are left behind. Additionally, Asset cloud will allow for API integrations with existing grant management tools, reducing staff duplicative efforts and ensuring that all information is accessible to the appropriate groups across multiple teams.

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Open Source Opens Doors

As an open-source solution, the source code for the TransAM platform is open to the public and can be accessed here.

Because TransAM is open source, new features and ongoing system enhancements in the TransAM roadmap are funded by a growing community of agencies with support from Cambridge Systematics. We manage and conduct software development and maintenance tasks on behalf of the TransAM community, providing industry expertise to maintain Federal compliance and best practices in asset management, project planning and grant management to support our software development capabilities. Enhancements and new features are made available for agencies to inherit, so that investments by individual agencies can be leveraged by the broader community.