Unlike other trip planning applications, 1-Click looks at services across a transportation network, including public transit, private, rail, rideshare, carpool, volunteer, paratransit, walking and biking options. The platform makes this information directly available to the user and shows time and cost tradeoffs for different possible itineraries. 1-Click can also be deployed to support transportation and human service agency call centers with reservations, trip booking, medical scheduling and more.

Using 1-Click, you can:

  • Review all available trip options that meet the rider’s needs;

  • Set up accounts for riders, noting their program eligibility, accessibility requirements and preferences;

  • Report on services provided and gaps in existing offerings;

  • Enable riders to discover essential human services, book and manage their own trips. Trips are conveniently sorted by driving time or transit time depending on the needs of the rider; and

  • Help call center staff to more efficiently serve clients by identifying the best resources and simultaneously figuring out suitable transportation options to access those resources.