Cambridge Systematics’ software experts have deep experience customizing and configuring OTP to support agency operations and prioritize the needs of riders. Together, we can create a standalone trip planner or integrate OTP into your existing website.

Our trip planners support millions of riders and their data requests, displaying a tailored mix of trip options and alternatives, generated with the latest scheduled and real-time data.

With support from CS and agencies, OTP is constantly evolving to match changes in how riders move, incorporating bikeshare, on-demand transit with mixed itineraries, and information on complex station transfers. The nature of this collaborative approach puts the needs of riders first by promoting equity considerations over the business interests of private, for-profit applications.

Using OpenTripPlanner, you can:

  • Modify trip transfer points as conditions change;

  • Customize the best mix of trip options shown to riders; and

  • Integrate real-time alerts with trip planning before and during the trip.