As agencies face organizational capacity and budget restraints, our experts are here to be an extension of your team in handling complex transportation challenges that relate to providing human services. Platforms like, eVoucher, RidePilot and 1-Click were created to help people discover and get to essential service locations. We deploy open source software solutions to keep costs minimal while creating a community of agencies interested in benefitting from future enhancements.

In addition to partnering with your agency on software deployments, we provide mobility management consulting. Together, we can think through and develop a strategic technology plan related to human services that fits the needs of your agency.

Through our work, we found transportation standards development has lagged in the area of human services. A number of our staff have been elected to join committees that are determining these standards and we’re proud to apply our national perspective to this work. We look forward to sharing the efforts of these committees and working with your agency to meet the standards.