Built to streamline operations, RidePilot empowers agencies to create, manage and schedule vehicles, drivers, customers, trips, runs and reports without a complex spreadsheet or expensive off-the-shelf system.

Agencies can deploy RidePilot on behalf of smaller agencies that they oversee. These multi-tenant application deployments make it cost effective for small agencies to have basic scheduling and grant management.

RidePilot can help you:

  • Track driver information, like license renewals, and vehicle data such as, recurring compliance events, maintenance requirements and mileage;

  • Create one-time or recurring trips from a specified pick-up location to a selected drop-off destination;

  • Assign trips to drivers using “drag and drop” functionality. Schedulers and dispatchers can easily make changes and update schedules throughout the day;

  • Automate 5310 and National Transit Database (NTD) grant reports.

  • Communicate trip information to drivers through tablet-based automated vehicle location technology;

  • Manage driver availability. Track each driver’s recurring availability, leave and changes to schedule.