COVID-19 & Transit

How are agencies delivering innovations that demonstrably help riders? Read this blog to discover technological advancements in social distancing.

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Our Platforms

Mobility and accessibility matter. Explore software that helps transform how your community moves.

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Human Services Transportation

No matter someone’s circumstances, everyone deserves access to the essential services they need. We are committed to helping agencies achieve this level of connectivity through low cost, yet high impact technology solutions.

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Open Source Open Doors

Our commitment to open source means that we create software that is available without licensing fees and does not create vendor lock-in. We build solutions using open source tools and technologies that are standards-based and royalty free. Depending on transportation agency’s needs and preferences, we can make both traditional server-based deployment and cloud-based deployment possible. And agencies using our products can become part of a community that benefits from its members’ innovations, as changes and updates can be freely shared among them. You can roll out systems using your in-house staff, or with assistance from a competitive market of vendors and cloud computing providers.